Take a Fun “Staycation” With Your Dog

Perhaps you’re planning a different type of vacation this year. You may have enjoyed the balmy beach, the frosty ski slopes, or an energizing weeklong cruise in the past. However, this year brings special circumstances, so you’ll be sticking close to home. But here’s the best part: your furry friend can be your partner for a series of one-day “staycations.”

First, bring your dog to the veterinarian for a physical exam and checkup to make sure your pooch has the “thumbs up” to join you for several fun activities. Also, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Here are some possibilities:

Human-Canine Spa Day

Give yourself, and your pup, a luxurious manicure/pedicure. Treat your lucky canine companion first, beginning with a soothing massage. Perimeter Veterinary Center has a canine massage therapist available to ease your pet’s tight or sore muscles.

Next, trim his nails or schedule a nail trim appointment. When you’re finished, reward him with his favorite toy, or a vet-approved CET chew treat, while you pamper your own nails. Afterward, step out for a walk to show off your handiwork.

Round it out with a bath at one of the many local do it yourself dog wash locations!

Canine Movie Marathon

Reserve your favorite animal themed movies, and clear your calendar for the day. Relax on the couch (or the floor) with Toby, and bring in appropriate snacks. Turn off the lights, hit the sofa, and indulge in a pajama day at home with your pal. Finally, if you think your dog-owning friends might enjoy this offbeat activity, invite them and their compatible pooches to the party.

Relaxing Stroll

Hit the Johnson County Streamway parks or get online and find a local hiking trail that is off your regular walking route. There will be lots of new sights and smells for your canine companion. Also, you may just find some hidden gems in city or state parks you’ve never guessed were in your town!

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